Laundry Business Plan

User Companyis a sole trader, enterprise established in Alakahia Port Harcourt river state. It is a full-service coin up laundry. Providing laundry and dry-cleaning services dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering regular pick-up and delivery services at a competitive price/value relationship. The timing was right for starting this venture after potentially searching over a year for a perfect business and location, one was finally found. The demand for laundry services, my ambition to one day start my own laundry business and knowledge to support the venture made it a business opportunity with great potential. Currently I own a laundry shop at first mechanic Alakahia.


1.  To provides convenient and friendly services

2.  To generate customer’s satisfaction so that at least 70% of our customers base is repeat business

3.  To have at least four (4) branches in Port Harcourt.

4.  To effectively run our mobile arm as well as our stationed office.


To provide convenient and friendly laundry services with free pickup and delivery which saves time for our working-class customers. To make our staffs comfortable, inspired and motivated to work.



The business is located in the nice area of Alakahia (which is the host community of The University of Port Harcourt and the Teaching Hospital with so many lecturers, doctors, nurses, students and other staff of the institutions.

Though there are other laundry shops in the area but our outstanding, reliable and consistent services singles us out to be the best in the neighborhood.


Offering clients ranging from dry cleaning and laundry services with regular pickup and delivery services and extended business hour.


Providing an environment conducive to giving a clean, friendly and professional services.


Long term reputation resulting from friendly and professional services which encourages our customers to return.


          Ezerim laundry services provides laundry, dry cleaning and regular pickup and delivery services. We also produce quality products like liquid soap, bleach and air fresheners to ensure clean washing of clothes with good fragrances and to meet the demand for the accessibility and availability of the products.


After potentially searching over a year for a perfect business and location. The demand for laundry services, my ambition to one day own one gave birth to User Company. The legal form of this business is so trader. This is a small business started without the complicated procedure associated with partnership and co-operatives. The owner is the director and handles the book keeping responsibilities.


User Company is located at User Location It is a one rented shop laundry. The location is strategically in the busy area of User Location and User Location. More so, it is located next to the poor and lower middle-class homes, therefore, there are no much competitors.




User Company provides wide range of services for customers with free home pickups and delivery in Alakahia and its environs.

Dry cleaning and laundry for personal clothes and large items such as blankets, duvets, rugs, curtain, etc.

Service Uniqueness

User Company sets itself apart from other laundries that offer one-way service. Although the focus of Company is laundry and dry-cleaning services, we also offer our clients the convenience of other services in one location. Those services include potential pickup and delivery services as well as phone booking for pickup and delivery. Most importantly, its convenience sets us apart from competition.


There are two ways, customers take part in the services or they can order over the phone. They can choose payment either at the pickup or time of each delivery either by cash or e-transfer. The whole operation is controlled and monitored by the operational manager a laundry expert and generally managed by the business owner(Director).


          Laundry and dry cleaning are in the top ten (10) enterprises with the lowest failure rate

  • Payment for services is by cash, cheque or e-transfer.
  • No capital stagnancy, receives payments every day, easy to get instant profits.
  • Capital requirement for purchasing commercial laundry equipment’s is minimal therefore, the risk for business is low.
  • This business services only needs a few staff
  • Supplies a needed service for customers’ frequent demands.
  • The demand for using service is increasing due to changing life styles, incomes and the increase in clothing expenditure.

Market Segmentation.

User Company primarily targets working class customers. We started off by offering services to residents of Alakahia (namely, lecturers, doctors, nurses, students, etc). Then extended our services to residents of nearby towns. We target full time employed customers who value the convenience of our services. Demographic research shows that  the total population of Alakahia area is  around 18,000 people, of which 55% are working class and 35% students

Target Market Segment Strategies

The table in the previous topic show the estimated percentage of Alakahia residents who are Company and Corporation staffs, students and other working in other organizations. Full time work and school activities leave people with less time to do their house work (including laundry) increasing the demand for laundry services. Employment and increasing income results in increased standard of living. They are often tired after the whole day of working and the demands on clothes  of the working  usually increases proportionately with their income. Buying more clothes, especially expensive clothes, makes them pay more attention to the care and cleaning of those clothes. With careful research, this business focusses on working class customers as target market segment.

  Consumers Needs

Research shows that one of the key factors in choosing a personal service such as laundry and dry-cleaning services is not price but the convenience of the services. As stated above with increase income, people tend to choose services based on how much time and effort the service will save them. Although there are other conventional drop off dry cleaning and laundry service providers in the area, Ezirim laundry primarily markets its convenient pickup and delivery services to those busy individuals who are willing to appreciate such services, as it saves time for other endeavors.

Market Trends

The following areas are monitored to evaluate business performance.

  • Monthly and annual services
  • Monthly and annual profits
  • Repeat business
  • customer satisfaction.

    Market Growth

The business provides free pickup and delivery services which surely attracts working class customers who find it convenient for them and eventually become repeat customers. As the patronage happens repeatedly they become loyal customers to the service and recommend us to their friends, family and co-workers. As more and more customers use this service, our image is enhanced and we gain more market share. As we attain monthly and annual sales at least as forecasted, our monthly and annual profits will be satisfactorily achieved.

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