Bakery Business Plans


The User’s Company is a standard Bakery business that will be based in Port Harcourt – Rivers State, Nigeria. We are registered under the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

The User’s Company is a bakery company that is more of a manufacturing company as it shall be the sole manufacturer of her baked products.

The products of this company shall include;

  • Bread
  • Cakes
  • Fish pie
  • Biscuits and
  • Yogourt.

Due to the company’s experience management team, made up of a hired bakery specialist and three graduates with two years of experience each in business management and the high quality of our product which shall be of all shapes and sizes to meet our customers need, we can say with certainty that our company shall have a competitive advantage or edge over our competitors whom we’ve surveyed all this while.

As regard to our proposed sources of funds, we intend obtain loan from Access Bank PLC. The funds raised from the above sources shall be entirely use on the development of the company as regards;

  • Buying of raw materials
  • Paying of workers
  • Carrying out of advertisement
  • Buying of equipments  


  • To grow
  • To make maximum profit and
  • To expand in size and number of units


The company has as mission to produce very high quality product at a competitively low price to meet our target market (students and workers) demand.


  1. Describing the key features of the product
  2. The baked products are going to have a whitish color others but ours shall be of varying sizes and shapes to attract customers with varying consumption patterns.
  • The baked breads shall be classified into plane (little sugar content) and sweet (high sugar content).
  • Our cakes shall also have different shapes and sizes dependent on how the customers value the different shapes.
  • Some of the cakes shall also be iced but entirely dependent on the customer demand.
  • Our ice-cream shall be made up of those with edible cups and of those which would need a spoon to be eaten and shall be made of different colors.
  • The company shall also produce as products both creamed and non-creamed biscuits which shall also be served with yogurt
  • The breads from our wholesale shall be packaged in both fuel and polytin papers
  • The cakes shall be served in fuel papers
  • The ice-cream shall be sold in large containers to the retailers and others in well shaped cups.
  • The biscuits shall be well placified and shall be designed with palatable marks.
  •  Product Protection
  • To better protect our breads and other baked products they shall carry the trade mark abbreviation on them DBB (Dynamic Brothers Bakery)
  • Every other of our baked products or product would carry the trade mark DBB.


  1. Type of operation:

This is both a manufacturing and a servicing company as it shall both manufacture the products and provide the services of transport to her retailers.

  • Management:
  • Duties:

The management of the company shall be made up of a team of four managers

  • The hired bakery specialist
  • The financial manager
  • The production manager and
  • The marketing manager
  1. The Hired Bakery Specialist:

This is the person who is entirely in charge of scrutinizing and implementing the policies of the shareholders and works with the mind set of maximizing their wealth. He has ones been the bakery manager of a renowned bakery in England with a seven years of experience in the bakery business.

  1. The Finance Manager:

He is a holder of a first class degree in financial management with a one year working experience in the banking sector and also part of the shareholders with the duties below;

  • Make sure the production department and likewise the marketing department doesn’t run short of cash to meet their daily activities.
  • Also he has as a duty to make sure the funds granted to the department are well managed or utilized.
  • He is the only person concerned with management of funds contributed by the shareholders.
  1. The Production Manager:

He is expected to have a degree in the field of economics and management with at least two years working experience.

  • Makes sure the products are produced in cognizance to the demand of our
  • In charge of ensuring that the ware house does not run short of the finished products.
  • Has as duty to maximized resources put at his disposal to produce the goods at the lowest possible cost.
  1. The Marketing Manager:

This person is holder of a first class degree in management from the University of Port Harcourt with a working experience of two years in the MTN marketing department. He has as duties to;

  • Inform the public constantly of our innovations
  • Create a concrete link with the company and the customers.
  • Makes sure the production manager is fed with information about the latest developments in the market
  • Inform the company constantly on the changing demands of our customers


  • Responsibilities

The Hired specialist;

He shall be responsible for ensuring that everything goes according to plan. All the other managers are also answerable to him.

Marketing manager;

He is responsible for informing the public with latest developments on the company’s product and gives a feed back to the company on the responses of the customers.

The production manager;

Also He is involved with the responsibility of taken the information provided by the marketing manager and transforming it into a suitable product needed by the customers.

The finance manager likewise has as a responsibility to properly manage the funds under his keeping. 


The structure of the company shall be partnerships which shall be made up of ten shareholders (partners) who are the ten dynamic brothers of the company, who have join their resources together in terms of service, kind and cash.


General manager

The company shall be owned by ten partners who are the ten brothers and some potential investors.

Special consultant
Marketing manager Operation manager
Financial manager
                        Unskilled Labourers  

Organigram of User’s Company Company

  • Location Relative to the Market;

The company due to the it’s nature of manufacturing would be located or have its base or production unit afar into the suburbs of Port Harcourt specifically in the interior areas of Choba town for the lone reason of avoiding the pollution of the surrounding environment. But our warehouse (wholesale unit) shall be located relative to the market, at the Ozuoba Street –beside the lady L hotel.

  • Size of Facilities

At this beginning the company shall have as facilities below;

  • A firewood oven
  • A flour mixer
  • A wholesale unit
  • Three tri –circles
  1. Commercially – Based

The company’s location shall be commercially – based due to the high needs of her target markets, the high demand of her products relevant to the shortages in the supply of this such products.


  1.    Industrial Analysis

The food processing industry in Port Harcourt is very large with the various firms specialized in the production of different food types a with number being almost uncountable.

We are expecting to expand in the very near future in our size and the number of units all over the country, starting with Choba,  Ozuoba and Woji.

There is no major regulation facing the industry for now since there is little noise pollution caused by the company implying there is little regulations.

The common cost we expect to incure will be the running cost of the business and also the continuous transportation of raw materials and bread to our retailers.

The major source of our income at this start after investment would be done would only be the income from our sales.

  • Competitive Advantage.

This company has a lot of competitors;

They include the bakeries around Choba.

Those involved in the production of fried British pears, fish pile, fish role, gateaux and likewise those involved in the baking of cakes.

Others include those in the biscuit production like ‘parle G’ etc and many others who have a good status in the market already.

The products of the various firms in this industry are usually very similar and so therefore for us to be different in the market, we intend to produce highly differentiated products, with this therefore we intend to produce breads of different shapes and sizes opposing to that of the already existing companies in the industry. Also ours shall be made up of not just brown color breads but we shall have up to a pink-like, yellowish and other very attractive colors different from that of our competitors.

Though we shall be very new in the market, we expect to have a competitive edge over our competitors in the domain of distribution and customer servicing. This would be achieved through the fact that we shall constantly ensure that our retailers don’t run short of bread in the sense that at what so every time we are called to supply them with bread we would always ensure it’s thereat the time needed even on week end days. In fact the satisfaction of our customers is the primary things in our minds as they are king that is, those who decide our pay package.

To conclude on this aspect of competition you would bear with us that we would have an either equal or higher hand over our competitors thus a competitive advantage over them.

  • Market Research

The all information’s we gathered shows that there exist some shortages in the supply of cakes in Choba most especially, during the weekend which was w threat to the student population but an opportunity to us. From this we decided to solve it by opening our bakery on those weekend days and also in our own regime make sure that our retailers are always stocked with bread most especially on the days near weekend.

Our research also shows that during C.A and examination periods the students find it difficult to preparing food and thereby resorting only to dry foods like bread, cakes, which shows that the demand for our product was to be high especially during weekends, exams and C.As.

Primarily our source of information was the retail shops around Choba who are our main customers since we anticipate bulk buying from them. They also complain of limited earning from the sale of bread and cakes since they are not always available.

Secondarily most of our information’s we got were only on challenges that we will encounter in setting up the business.

We will also do continuous market research by giving our customers questionnaires to fill after consuming our products. This will help us to evaluate our weaknesses and embark on continuous improvement so as to always produce the choice of our customers.

Also the increase in the production of bread complements such as butter, chocolate, margarine amongst others has made the demand for bread to increase in Choba since the goods are jointly demanded.

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