Poultry Farming Business Plan

Executive Summary


Poultry Farm is a start-up poultry Farm that will be involved in production of quality and affordable poultry meat and egg and other poultry derivate targeting consumers in Rivers State and the South South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria

The Company

USER COMPANY Poultry Farm will be established as a limited liability company owned by User’s Name, and other investors.  The farm will be managed and directed by User’s Name, an experienced Nurse and bias in Agro-allied production with over 5 years experience.

Business Location

The Poutry Farm will be located at No 3 Asor close Ada_George portharcourt on a two plot of Land.

Products and Service

USER COMPANY Poultry Farm will sell Poultry products, including poultry egg, chickens and poultry litter waste.

We also offer Kill–‐Cut–‐Wrap–‐Freeze (KCWF) services (e.g., traditional cuts in paper or cryovac packaging). Our eggs are hygienic, rich in protein and of high quality. We will produce, process and package to meet standard organization of Nigeria and international standard

The Market

Nigeria as the largest nation in African presently consumes about 1.5 million MT of frozen chicken annually and more than 60% of the chicken consumed in Nigeria are imported.

According to The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), 1.2 million metric tons (MT) of frozen chicken valued at N660 billion was imported into the country in 2014 alone and this was four times higher than what was produced locally, and exceeding the current industry capacity.

Financial Considerations

USER COMPANYpoultry Farm seeks N10 million in long-term financing to cover start-up costs, equipment, building expenses, and working capital.

Funding for the launch of the business will be provided primarily by equity from the partners and investors. 

The business will reach positive cash flow in its 10th month of operation, allowing for expedited repayment of its loan obligations, as well as for dividends to be paid to the owners. 


Poultry farming has proven to be a very lucrative business not only in Nigeria but in the world at large. Chickens are one of the major sources of animal meat (protein) in Nigeria, aside from pork and fish.

As a business, poultry offer an opportunity for poultry farmers to earn steady income and also provide employment opportunities for countless number of men and women.

One of the major customers for poultry farms in Nigeria are the major fast-food companies like Genesis, Kingfishers, Kilmanjaro, SFC, and UAC followed by hotels, restaurants and then house hold consumers of chicken. The high demand for Chicken meat, egg and other poultry products has led to an increase in poultry farms spring up in many parts of the country.

However, there is a short fall in the supply of chicken and egg because most of the poultry farms in the country. Hence starting a poultry farm of your own either on a large or small scale is indeed a very wise decision as this will bring you immense financial benefit both in the short and long term.


To be among the first 3 largest Poultry Farm in Nigeria by 2025

Creation of employment as way of alleviate unemployment in the country.

  • To give our customer the very best product and customer service so that we may earn their trust for future business.
  • To provide protein for the Rivers people and its environs
  • Provide employment opportunities for men, women and young school leavers
  • Provide training for new enterprenuers
  • To provide an excellent, top-notch and inviting environment for poultry meat processing, wholesaling and retailing
  • Increase revenue from the sales of egg and meat to N20,000,000 over 2 years
  • To maintain profit margins at 20-25% through close attention to expenses and cost of poultry production
  • To drive awareness and build sales through mentions in both local print and digital media.
  • Attract farmers to use our slaughter, custom cut, and wrap services by making them aware of additional market opportunities from our retail sales.

  1. Financial stability for purchase of feed.
  2. Low operating cost
  3. Having a good retail location in a high-shopping area
  4. Hygienic and neat processing facility
  5.  acquire state inspection for slaughter.
  6. Acquire federal inspection for slaughter and processing
  7. Quality processed product, and good relationships with vendors
  8. Outstanding customer service and faster processing duration.
  • Environmental impact – locating close to residential areas might pollute the environment.
  1. Power supply – locating too far from power infrastructure might make power supply difficult.


Product /Services

USER COMPANYPoultry Farm offers quality poultry products.

  1. Breeding and Selling of live birds: we will breed and offer for sell matured birds. Broiler and old layers.
    1. Processed Chicken: Kill–‐Cut–‐Wrap–‐Freeze (KCWF) services (e.g., traditional cuts in paper or cryovac packaging).
  • Eggs: We will sell 30 eggs in a crate. Egg is a good source of low-cost high-quality protein, providing 6.3 grams of protein (13% of the daily value for protein) in one egg for a caloric cost of only 68 calories.

4. Waste/litter as a by-product as by products which will be sold to          Farmers as organic fertilizer.

Market Analysis

There are various economic forces that affect consumption of meat in Nigeria especially Rivers  state and environs.

Every meal is not complete in Nigeria except there is an input of animal product.

The Nigerian poultry industry as at 2017 was estimated at ₦80 billion ($600 million) and is comprised of approximately 165 million birds, which produced 650,000 MT of eggs and 290,000 MT of poultry meat in 2017.  From a market size perspective, Nigeria’s egg production is the largest in Africa (South Africa is the next largest at 540,000 MT of eggs) and it has the 2nd largest chicken population after South Africa’s 200 million birds.

We will be offering strong product that is in great demand. We have identified that our target market are the brokers and distributors who have established good presence and channels to get our products to final consumers.

We will market our products to the following groups: distributors, eggs depots, fast food outlets, hotels and other groups.

USER COMPANYPoultry Farm will target low, medium and high income earners and specialty consumers.

We have more food and restaurant outlets opening on weekly basis in Rivers  state and environs which will give increase demand for our products and services.

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