Education Practicum


1.Definition of Practicum

2.Why the course is necessary

3. The Organizational History

4. The important of the establishment

5.The Organogram of the Establishment

6. The activities of the Units/Departments

7. Observation and Skills Learnt in the Units/Departments

8. Summary and Conclusion of Report

9. References


Practicum in educational management (EDA812) is a practical course designed for students who wish to obtain master degree in educational administration and planning. It is designed to develop in the students the relevant skills that are required for them in management of educational facilities in the executive capacity.

     Practicum is an activity that has to do with practical or acquiring knowledge and skills in a particular field or discipline. In the case of educational management, the practicum is organized to assist the students in gaining experience and to also expose them to the actual practice of numerous theories and concepts, skills and principles that might have been studied during course work.


This personal exercise is expected to enrich the students with experience in area of leadership, decision making, planning and organizing, staffing, coordinating and possible budgeting where the need arises. It also assists the students to exhibit some personal characteristics and qualities includes: maturity, tactfulness, intelligence, kindness, sympathy, honesty, being considerate, accommodating, and impartial as the case may be.

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