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Interesting Paper Topics for Music

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Music is a lifeline

When asked the question “what is Music” you may hear many answers and the reason is not far fetched as music itself thrives in variety thus providing students and academic a plethora of topics to choose from, in this list we have out lined a possible list of Paper Topics which are related to Music

For General Research Purpose
  1. Can a student study with Music?
  2. How is Music Beneficial to Society
  3. Musical History
  4. Controversies involving Rock Music
  5. Does Music Influence Domestic Violence
  6. How does Music Influence The Youth
  7. Relationship Between Drug Abuse
  8. Michael Jackson’s Impact On Music
  9. Gender Inequality in Music
  10. Alternate Rock: a budding sub genre of rock
  11. Music’s impact on societal norms
  12. Evolution Of African-American Music
Argumentative Essays
  1. Is Music in the 21st Century still Meaningful?
  2. How Does Music affect a Child’s Childhood
  3. Analyze the Film Sound Of Music and evaluate if the Von Trapps would have been better off without Music?
  4. How did Musicals affect Pop Culture in the Late 19th Century
  5. Does Music truly portray artistic ingenuity?.
  6. Can Music affect a Man’s health?
  7. Is it True that you are what you listen to?
  8. Does Music affect a person’s mood?
  9. Can Music effect Political Change?
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