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Breaking the Jinx in Academic Research

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Tip#1 Have a jotter

       Now the idea of a jotter may seem off the grid, but that may just be your saving grace, sure we are not undermining the power of the brain’s retentiveness but believe me somethings may sleep your mind and a jotter may just be your saving grace (trust me ’cause I’m speaking from experience)

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Tip #2 Write about things you like

You may have seen this particular piece of advice so many times it is beginning to seem cliché, but the fact is this piece of advice can never be over emphasized, especially when  most papers require long term commitment , it may seem like punishment if you are writing about something you don’t like for about a month and you may just find yourself stalling

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Tip #3 Draw up and Follow a schedule

A schedule is quite self explanatory ; in this case it helps you stay on track don’t force yourself or over do it just be very patient with yourself and start gradually from about 3 hours a day or even 2 days a week, but make sure you evenly spread your time to  be able to keep up

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Seek Expert Help

A wise man once said, no man is an island and that statement was rightly made. 

This statement is very neccessary as no man can know everything (Fun Fact even Albert Einstein made a mistake in his relativity equation by assuming the world didn’t keep changing) You can’t know all and each field has experts who are at least close to knowing all that you can rely on and ask for help, your colleague can even be that expert

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1 year ago

Okay but please could you make a part two of this post

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